What is Infratonic Therapy?

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What is Infratonic Therapy?

What is Infratonic Therapy?

I9 resized 600Infratonic TherapyTM is a patented technology of therapeutic massage which infuses damaged or abnormal tissue with high and low frequency signals in several forms, mechanical massage, acoustical, and magnetic. The low frequency signal includes bands of randomly varying frequency, predominantly in the range of the brain’s alpha rhythm while excluding the ranges of theta and low beta. The high frequency signal is also random and rides on the low frequency signal increasing the randomness and making the low frequency signal unpredictable by the body tissue, therefore more penetrating and more effective.

There is a small component of low frequency sound produced by all massagers, but the principal energy delivered is the massage action. The Infratonic differs from typical massagers because its signal varies randomly in frequency within a specific frequency range.

Simply stated, Infratonic Therapy is beneficial in treating trauma, both physical and emotional.

To read customer testimonials of the many ailments and applications for Infratonic Therapy, click here. The Infratonic is not a substitute for proper medical care. It should be used as an adjunct, helping cellular tissues to release physical and emotional trauma to aid in the healing process.  Wherever a life threatening condition is present, Infratonic Therapy should only be used under the care of a licensed medical practitioner.

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