What conditions can Infratonic Therapy treat?

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What conditions can Infratonic Therapy treat?

The question of what Infratonic Therapy can be used for would be better stated, what can’t it be used for? It is particularly useful for treating pain and inflammation, but its many benefits extend far beyond that, treating conditions ranging from A-X (is there an ailment that starts with Z?).

M1100240 F col X ray of arthritic hand SPL resized 600Esther S. shares how Infratonic Therapy has helped relieve her arthritis:

“I am 82 and I’ve had arthritis for many years, but the past two years I have gone through several very stressful situations including open heart surgery, which aggravated the arthritis severely. I also have Polymyalgia Rheumatica in the muscles of my neck, shoulders, ribs and left arm. I have been on many medications and used many liniments and ointments. Now I have my own Infratonic and use it first thing in the morning, during the afternoon and at night. It stimulates the circulation and gives a feeling of well-being, at the same time it is very relaxing. My friends can’t get over how I look, and how I feel.”


xray broken leg boneCatherine R. recounts her experience of using the Infratonic to treat a broken bone:

“About 6 weeks ago, I stepped off a horse trailer, landed wrong and broke my right lower leg about mid-way down. I had a rod put in the lower leg. I had a splint for about 2 weeks initially, and then no cast. With the Infratonic, I have done 3-4 treatments/day on medium setting. Using points on the bottom of my foot, as well as at the break point for about 10-20 min each. Afterwards I have done a sweep of my leg. I have not had to use pain medications at all throughout my 6 week recovery period. My x-rays at 6 weeks show some advanced bone healing. I am able to walk with a cane and much of the time without any props at all.”


migraine headacheDenise C. had amazing results using the Infratonic to relieve her migraines:

“I have had a history of migraines, pain on the left side of my head. After no migraines for 6 months, I had a severe one. The Infratonic was used for 10 minutes on my head and neck. First 2 minutes on the left side of my head. The unit was swept forward across my forehead, up and down both sides of the back of my neck and forward and backward all over my head. I had immediate relief of the migraine, something that has never happened before. I was able to continue on through the day with no problem and the migraine has not returned.”


There are so many more wonderful stories of healing and relief from pain like those above. If you would like to read more, click here. If you have questions about whether Infratonic Therapy would be helpful with a particular condition, please call our Customer Service department at 800-743-5908 today!



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