Trauma in the Cellular Matrix

//Trauma in the Cellular Matrix

Trauma in the Cellular Matrix

When you injure yourself, getting a bruise or cut or some other form of injury, the whole body responds by contributing fresh blood, antibodies, and vitality to protect the injured part of the body from further trauma and to assist in the healing process. A serious problem in one area of the body can deplete the vital resources of other parts of the body. If your body is run down or has blockages within the cellular matrix, healing may occur very slowly or not at all.

In the simplest of terms, the cellular matrix can be understood as a vast communication center. When the body is functioning properly, all of the cells of the body will work harmoniously to accelerate the healing of a particular area. But sometimes a group of cells will encounter a stimulus that they do not know how to handle, and may respond by shutting down, by causing inflammation or edema. These responses may be the correct response and thus will promote healing. However, if these responses are inappropriate, or if they continue for too long, you may encounter chronic pain, impeded healing or illness as a result, and this could also put the body into a stressed state as it continues to put enormous amounts of its resources toward healing.

Infratonic therapy provides extremely effective results in helping heal simple, as well as chronic trauma in the cellular matrix. Thousands of customers have related to us the many ways that they have found relief from injuries, surgeries, edema, inflammation, and many other conditions, by applying Infratonic therapy. If you, or anyone you know, has a condition which is not healing on its own, or has not healed with other modalities or treatments, Infratonic therapy may be the solution your body needs. It also works great on pets!

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