Tis the Season for Overeating and STRESS

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Tis the Season for Overeating and STRESS

dinnermainThanksgiving is a day on which we are reminded to give thanks for all of our blessings. It also marks the beginning of the holiday season, during which time celebrations and festivities abound, along with many opportunities to indulge in delicious foods and decadent goodies. All of the extra activities connected with the holidays (shopping, decorating, parties, entertaining, travel, etc.) can also increase our stress, and we may find ourselves turning to food in an attempt to ease the stress. Some foods will definitely support our bodies in dealing with the stress (such as proteins and complex carbohydrates), while those which are in such ample supply during the holidays (simple carbohydrates and sugars), can actually put our bodies into further stress and suppress our immune systems.

While it would be optimal to eat healthy all the time, it is unreasonable to think that we can get through the holidays without indulging in some of the goodies. To be gentle on ourselves, we can aim for the 80/20 rule: make sure that 80% of our food is quality, healthy food, and allow 20% to be less optimal choices. By giving ourselves permission to follow this rule, rather than aiming for perfection and then punishing ourselves when we fall short, we are more likely to set ourselves up for success with our eating, rather than adding to the increased stress we tend to feel during the holidays.

There are many ways to manage or reduce stress, but my favorite way to get quick relief from stress or anxiety is to lie down in a quiet room, placing my Infratonic 9 over my thymus (centered on the chest, just below the collarbones). I set it on the “Acute” setting for 20 minutes, and close my eyes until the device turns off. It is incredible how much different my energy feels at the end of that 20 minutes!

If you own an Infratonic 9, I recommend you try using it for stress relief this holiday season. If you don’t own one, but would like to learn more about it, please visit our product page or testimonials page. It may be the perfect gift to give yourself as we head into this holiday season!

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