Sports Performance Enhancement and Recovery (the safe and legal way)

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Sports Performance Enhancement and Recovery (the safe and legal way)

Stevenson Sylvester resized 600There is so much pressure for athletes to excel. The pressure sometimes leads them to adopt practices that are banned by sports organizations and/or are dangerous to their health. One perfect example of this is “doping” (the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs) which gives the athlete a competitive edge (the recent controversy with 7 consecutive-time winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong, comes to mind). With millions of dollars at stake for the winner(s) of competitions/games, it is easy to understand the appeal of such practices to someone who makes their living as an athlete.

Fortunately there are many options available to athletes who do not wish to go the way of using banned substances or questionable practices. Sports trainer John Schaeffer has been a long-time fan and user of Sound Vitality Infratonic products to support the athletes he works with: Apolo Ohno (Olympian), Robert Johnson (Tennessee Titans), Wayne Johnsen (professional boxer), Louie Vito (professional snowboarder), and Stevenson Sylvester (Pittsburgh Steelers), being a few of his better known clients. John knows that using Infratonic therapy not only for injuries, but also for post-training recovery, is highly beneficial for the athletes that he works with. The current generation of Infratonics is portable and convenient to use, and can help keep athletes and non-athletes alike performing at their best.

To read a recent interview we conducted with John Schaeffer, and to learn more about how Infratonic therapy helps athletic performance, click here.

Photo courtesy of John Schaeffer and Stevenson Sylvester.

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