Sports Conditioning and Infratonic Therapy

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Sports Conditioning and Infratonic Therapy

Athletes are frequently running into painful cases of inflammation, swelling, bruising and muscle tears. The Infratonic 8000 is an adjunct, helping cellular tissue release physical and emotional trauma to aid in the healing process such as in the reduction of scar tissue and adhesions.

Many athletes treat everything from minor muscle pulls, bruises, chronic pain issues, and arthritis, tendonitis, and ligament issues on a daily basis therefore most athletes and trainers would prefer to use alternative methods of physical recovery and regeneration rather than go under pain medications or have surgery done. The Infratonic 8000 is just that alternative they’re looking for.

WDF of Langhorne, PA writes to us saying I play competitive racquetball. And each time after I play I get sore; and tender elbow (tennis elbow) which is very painful. I place the transducer directly on four areas of my elbow for five or ten minutes on each spot. I used this method and the tenderness and soreness to the muscles as well as the tendons and ligaments vastly improved. I wouldn’t be able to play racquetball if it wasn’t for my Infratonic. It works every time.

Infratonic therapy plays such a big role in sports conditioning and the application range is very broad. The Infratonic 8000 keeps up with athletes and active people in terms of recovery from sports injuries but it doesn’t have to be used for just sports injuries, it can also be used for physical regeneration and recovery, which is just as critical as the actual training activities themselves.

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