Remarkable Results using an Uncommon Technology: Infratonic Therapy

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Remarkable Results using an Uncommon Technology: Infratonic Therapy

The following testimonial was posted in our Amazon storefront in August 2011, from a healthcare practitioner who had an awesome story to share of an incredible healing using Infratonic Therapy.

medevac rescue“I received a call late at night in late 2/2007 from a very good patient telling me that her husband had been in a very severe accident and had to be air lifted to the trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He had to be removed with blow torches from inside his truck. It had been fully run over by an 18 wheel semi-tractor rig and finally the accident had stopped under the rear wheels of the semi. He was caught pinned and crushed inside his own truck’s cab.

They originally thought he would die. But remarkably he did not. He was in a coma for three weeks and endured countless surgeries that reconstructed his crushed right side. At first they told her he would not survive, later they revised the prognosis and told her he would never rise from a bed and walk again. She was 4 months pregnant and was afraid her baby would be born without a father. I told her, if they could get him to live, I could probably help restore their life again. I told her to call me in when he at arrived home.

I arrived as soon as he was able to receive me. I found a very large, strong, muscular man. A man extremely physically robust, and very tolerant of pain; he was heavily sedated but in extreme and unimaginable pain. He hadn’t slept a full night since before the accident. Since the surgeries he only remembers slipping in and out of consciousness without having real sleep. He was in a wheel chair and couldn’t move unless someone moved his body. He couldn’t lift or move his right arm; the slightest touch or move to it would be excruciating.

I had brought with me two infrasound devices: the SoniCalm 3 pain management infrasound device and the Infratonic 8000 for vitality and accelerated recovery. The first night he was in such excruciating pain that he began to yell as I brought the sound waves within inches of his leg and it was not even near where the fractures were! I began treating him that night from about 8 feet away! He literally was feeling the soothing gentle subtle healing vibrations from about 9 to 10 feet away. Half an hour later he began getting relief and I was able to bring the Infratonic sound head within 4 to 5 feet of his fractures. I treated him for about 3 1/2 hours that night.

I treated him consistently until the end of July, 2007. By then he was walking fully and totally on his own. He helped deliver his own son in mid-July. By the end of July he was working his normal job as a specialty carpenter climbing 50 to 60 foot latters building stage sets for a TV station! He was told even after his outstanding progress into June that he wouldn’t walk again, certainly never be able to return to work again. But there he was almost as if nothing had ever happened. This type of result is outside the thinking and expectations of the conventional medical models and mind-set(s). They cannot explain it, but it is normal and common place when the technology of the infrasonic is invoked.”

Bert Rodriguez-Munnet, Chiropractic Physician

If you know someone who lives with pain, or has not achieved the healing they desire, won’t you tell them about Infratonic Therapy?

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