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The overall outcome of these treatments was profound and life changing. Here are some effects I experienced during and after treatments: increased body awareness, decreased body tension, increased focus and mental clarity, decreased mental chatter, greater overall sense of well-being, less anxious and more at ease.

Jennifer H.

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Past trauma disrupts the lives of millions of people every day. This stored trauma comes from painful life experiences along with ancestral trauma inherited through our cells at conception. A 2015 article by News Atlas states, “A study was published claiming that the children of Holocaust survivors were more likely to develop depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. The implication was that trauma could be transmitted across generations via epigenetic alterations.”

Another study done with mice in 2013 trained a Pavlovian fear response into a control group of mice using a specific scent (acetophenone). The scientists then bred the males from the control group with females who had never been trained with the same fear response. The offspring, while having never had a physical experience of being trained to associate the scent with danger, showed a vastly greater response to the scent than the offspring of mice that had never been trained to associate danger with the acetophenone. 

I experienced two Nessor sessions, and find the results lasting and life-changing. I’ve been in a struggle this past year. Which direction? What do I want? What plans do I make, and how do I ‘do the work’ in my life that needs to get done so I can be fulfilled and happy? After the first Nessor session, I felt like I had the energy and insights to move forward in my life. I no longer felt the ‘congestion’ that I had been feeling for over a year. Everything seemed to open up and I felt better than I had felt this past year. The second Nessor session seemed to secure everything in place that the first session provided. I have a relaxed and focused life right now and I am grateful for the Nessor. I recommend this process for everyone!

Nancy, RN

The NESSOR replaces unconscious reactive conditioned responses – both from life experiences and ancestral inheritance – with automatic responses of the body that are more appropriate to current circumstances.

Stimulation of the NESSOR creates a state of neuroplasticity, thereby softening the conditioned responses that are stored in the nervous system. Specific and carefully chosen affirmations are then repeated by the user which have the effect of displacing unconscious, inappropriate attachments that create things such as PTSD, anxiety, fear, rage, etc.

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As 2017 began and I turned 70, my goal was to find a way to improve my life both mentally and physically. While I was investigating options, an email from Sound Vitality arrived. I had been following the development of the Nessor over the past year and decided that now was the time to purchase one. At the end of the first session, I immediately became calmer and much more relaxed. Now, after a few weeks of continued sessions, I am thrilled that at least 50% of my feelings of anxiety and depression have vanished. The sessions, along with [Sound Vitality’s] support in answering all of my questions and concerns, are releasing me from decades of searching for a way to be more comfortable with myself and my life…I am delighted to have added the Nessor to my family of Infratonics.

MED, Retiree

Our customers report the following benefits from the Sludge Buster…

  • Improved concentration while driving
  • Increased alertness during long drives
  • More productivity
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Alleviates headaches
  • Subdued stiffness
  • Reduced irritability
  • Elimination of headaches

I am in sales and therefore travel in my car daily. After 6+ hour drives I used to find myself irritable, tired and always with a headache. Last week I plugged the Sludge Buster into my car’s adapter and this was the first time I did not have a headache after my long drives. I felt more alert throughout my day and the long car rides were much more enjoyable. It’s also so convenient that I can still charge my phone through the USB slots. I love this product!

Liz M.


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Users of the Vital Harmony Pendant report the following:

  • A sense of calm when near electronic devices
  • A sense of “protection”
  • Blocking of electrical frequency from biofeedback machines
  • Reduction in migranes
  • Increased energy
  • Overall sense of coherence and peace
  • Reduction in pain
  • A state of being clear

I gave this to my husband to wear while he is at work and he loves it. He works in a retail store and is encompassed by electrical and mechanical equipment and goods. He feels more clear-headed and has less body aches when wearing it. Very thankful for this product!

Elizabeth C.