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The VitalRest is a highly effective, vitalizing footrest which combines a gentle foot stimulator with the deep relaxation and extraordinary healing power of Infratonic  signals. When you send these signals up the nervous system to the brain, you bring about a large increase in coherent alpha brain waves and healing activity, enhancing neural communication all along the nervous system.

Specific benefits include:

  • Reduces pain and numbness
  • Improves foot/feet issues
  • Improves circulation in the legs
  • Accelerates recovery to the entire lower body
  • Increases overall vitality
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Breaks up congestion in the body


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 5 in

2 reviews for VitalRest

  1. Paul Tarnoff

    It was Totally Remarkable
    About 3 years ago I was told that I am a type 2 diabetic. I was 64 at the time. After a lifetime of being pretty healthy, it was quite a shock. I had a healthy lifestyle and diet, but quickly made necessary changes and began taking medications. Within a month, my blood sugar was in a normal range along with other indicators like blood pressure, etc.

    So I was shocked once again when about 6 months later I started having common symptoms of neuropathy. Very quickly these become more severe with nerve pain in my feet and legs. Over time, the nerve pain subsided – but I lost significant feeling in my feet, had tightening in my ankles and strange in my legs.

    Before all of this happened, I used to walk 3-5 miles a day. Once I lost feeling in my feet, my balance became weak. I could no longer take walks, exercise, lift things, and much more. It was painful and I had the fear of falling. Over a period of 2 years, as my body tried to compensate for the fear in falling and lack of feelings, every part of my feet, toes, muscles and legs were simply out of whack.

    I tried dozens of methods to either recover or at the least become comfortable. This included, therapy, message, drugs, supplement, oils, acupuncture and much more. Basically, I am a positive person and open to anything – but nothing worked. I had reached a point where I could accept I would simply have to live with this and enjoy life as best I could.

    One day a local chiropractor and good friend, who had used other Sound Vitality products, told me that the company had contacted him about Vital Rest. They asked him if he had a few patients on who he could try it out. When he told me about it I was sort of burned out on trying things out. But, he has helped me in the past so I went ahead with an open but skeptical mind.

    This was about 2 months ago. During the first week, I found that the nerve pains started to return a bit. While this was uncomfortable, it was interesting to me in that at least I could feel it. So, I kept using Vital Rest about 20 minutes every day. During the second week, all of a sudden the pains were gone and I had some feeling back in my toes for the first time in 2 years. I just kept doing it. After about a month, I had about 20% of my feeling back in my feet.

    It was totally remarkable. I found that if I kept it up, improvements kept coming. It is hard to give an exact number, but now I think that I have at least 40% of my feeling back. I took a vacation with my family and walked 2 miles a day, I can lift things, my ankles are looser, my muscles are functioning more normal, the structure of my legs and feet are returning, I can now cross my legs when sitting and so much more. My wife is so happy as we enjoy doing more together.

    Never did I think I could feel like this again. I keep doing it every day and the improvements just keep accelerating. A few times, my chiropractor has gone out of town and let me take the Vital Rest home and to work so I can use it throughout the day. This helped even more. The few times I have not been about to visit his office, I do not find that I regress – but new improvements stop coming. I have also found that by moving my foot around on the pad during the treatment, the improvements are greater.

    I can’t thank Sound Vitality enough for creating this wonderful treatment. I realize that everyone responds differently to different treatment, but I highly recommend Vital Rest to anyone who suffers as I have. Just keep doing it over time to see the results.

  2. Barbara Ford

    “I cannot believe how good my legs feel. It’s like they’ve been dipped in pain medication. The pain control is astonishing, it’s just astonishing. It works on soft tissues and joints. The feeling of well-being is ridiculous. I don’t want people to think they’ll get high or anything, but I have gotten some euphoria off of it. It’s the type of euphoria you get from taking pain away. Once the pain is taken away, you feel like a new person. A chronic pain patient would know what I’m talking about. My pain level is very low. My vein doctor couldn’t believe that I haven’t used any pain medication. It’s because I was using the VitalRest and the Infratonic 9 at the incision site. I got home and put my legs immediately on the VitalRest. I think it’s really helped me. Even the leg that hasn’t had the surgery is improving a bit. It’s quite magical, both legs are feeling better and I’m able to get on the treadmill a little bit more. The fact that I can use this VitalRest and feel better is increasing my mobility, my independence, and my way of life. That’s so super cool. It’s increasing my ability to stay in my house by myself. That’s a huge, huge deal. A lot of people just want to get something for their aches and pains. But this goes beyond that. A lot of people might hesitate because of the cost. But really the cost is minuscule compared to any other methods of pain control. You can have it in your home. You can own the thing! What your company does is kind of in the mystery department, but I believe this type of equipment, this type of technology is going to be showing up in mainstream medicine very soon. And there really should be a VitalRest in every nursing home on the planet. I can’t imagine, like, if there was somebody who was in a wheelchair, or even a quadriplegic, I can’t imagine how this wouldn’t help them. The effect I’m getting from the VitalRest is eclipsing every other modality I’ve used over the last thirty years.”

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