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Vital Harmony Pendant


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The Vital Harmony® Pendant  is composed of a mineral jade core wrapped in conducting alloy wire. If you use a computer, go shopping, or just ride in a car, then the Vital Harmony Pendant is for you. It is highly efficient at absorbing ionizing electromagnetic radiation. It transforms harmful UVC into UVA  (good ultraviolet), which supports and vitalizes the body. Wearing the Pendant in the center of the chest helps protect the body from damaging UVC (bad ultraviolet) and other ionizing potentials and helps reduce free radicals in the body.

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  • Protects against UVC (bad ultraviolet) and other oxidative potentials
  • Reduces free radical levels in the body
  • Increases energy, vitality, and flexibility
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces lactic acid
  • Promotes clearer and broader thinking

The Vital Harmony Pendant is the only pendant on the market supported by a double blind, sham-controlled study:

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .25 in

7 reviews for Vital Harmony Pendant

  1. Jennifer H

    I’ve been a huge fan of Sound Vitality since first learning of it 2+ years ago and cannot imagine life without my Infratonic 9 and Vital Harmony pendant. Oh, and I just realized as I was writing this that today is the two-year anniversary of the exact day I received my Infratonic. Woohoooo! Thank you, Richard Lee and everyone at Sound Vitality!! I look forward to the new products that are on the verge of coming out. Bring ’em on!

  2. Elizabeth C.

    I gave this to my husband to wear while he is at work and he loves it. He works in a retail store and is encompassed by electrical and mechanical equipment and goods. He feels more clear-headed and has less body aches when wearing it. Very thankful for this product!

  3. Ron S.

    I’ve been wearing this vitality harmony pendant for about 3 weeks now. I wore it the first day because my wife asked me to wear it for 1 to 3 days –to see if it does anything for me. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t but “let’s see,” she said. My wife got the pendant from Karen at a Sound Vitality presentation. It’s generally not my thing to wear necklaces or any jewelry for that matter, but my wife said the pendant supposedly had good qualities, and potentially could be beneficial for me according to her muscle testing the product. So I indulged my wife since I know she loves me, her muscle testing has always had good results for us, it was for just 3 days, and I could keep the pendant under my clothes (out of sight). I generally put the pendant on when I get dressed in the morning, and I take it off when I am ready to sleep in the evening. Also, I put it on before I go out of the house. Prior to wearing this pendant, I haven’t had any interest, nor ever felt “attached” to one–and I’ve had a few in my lifetime. However, after the first few days of wearing this pendant, I’m feeling compelled to wear it every day. I feel “protected” by it somehow, and I don’t want to take it off. This is the 1st time I’ve worn something consistently and feel better for it. I notice when I sit at my computer at home, or when I’m around crowds of people (groceries stores, etc.), wearing it, I feel calmer. Thank you for developing something that makes life seem smoother.

  4. Johanna C.

    I have used products from Sound Vitality for many years. All have been excellent and have enhanced my life in many ways. I feel safe using their products. The latest product I am using is the Vital Harmony Pendant. It has measured up to their usual standard and is amazing. I was looking for help with the electromagnetic energy that surrounded me, including the wireless computer and TV in my bedroom. So I purchased the Vital Harmony Pendant and am wearing it night and day. I feel much safer and am wonderfully surprised with the energy I feel when wearing the Vital Harmony Pendant. The staff at Sound Vitality are very friendly and knowledgeable. Johanna C.

  5. Devora Porter

    I love my Vital Harmony Pendant! Today I was having a brain mapping session at our local Biofeedback center. I have had several sessions with no issues. Today when I was hooked up to the electrodes my clinician said she couldn’t get a reading. She checked all the connections, asked me if my cell phone was turned off, (yes it was) and still nothing. Something was blocking the electrical frequency from reaching me.

    Suddenly I realized I was wearing my pendant and asked it that could be it. She suggested I take it off and voila that was it! As soon as I removed my locket the brain scan frequency was able to reach me!

    Definitely proved to me that the pendant does what it is suppose to do and protect me from electrical frequency around me.

    Thanks for this great device and it is also so beautiful!

  6. Chloe Baker, Clay, NY

    “I don’t get migraines ever since I started using the Sludge Busters and the Vital Harmony Pendant. That’s a huge deal for me! I’m studying to become a chiropractor and started getting terrible headaches when I went to school. I think it may have been due to radiation from all the computers and other lab equipment. I’m very sensitive to EMF’s.

    I realized I couldn’t be having these migraines while trying to ascertain this scientific information, so I saw my chiropractor and he introduced me to Sound Vitality’s products. Of course, I do other things as well, but I swear that since I started wearing the Vital Harmony Pendant and using the Sludge Busters, it’s completely different. I don’t have the headaches anymore! It has to be because of these products because I haven’t changed anything else. And it was immediate. I didn’t have to wait to see results.

    I also have an easier time driving long distances now that I have the Auto Sludge Buster. I’m way less stiff and irritable. That’s helped me tremendously. I was so impressed by the Sludge Busters that I bought one for my mom. She gets really bad joint pain, which has been lessening ever since she started using the Sludge Busters. She thinks it’s helping her, too. For someone like my mom who normally doesn’t feel change very quickly, that’s huge.

    I just want to say that I 100% believe in your products! Once I have my own practice, I’m going to use them to help my own clients feel better.”

  7. Monica Patterson

    Richard and Jacob are brilliant! I just received my pendant and sludge buster. I am having an allergic reaction and hives since yesterday and just wore my pendant about an hour ago and I feel so much better already! Not itchy and a lot more calmer. Which means my cells are reaching coherence and peace. I believe in the power of minerals, crystals and also the deleterious effects of Electromagnetic Smog. So, I am looking forward to the results of the ongoing use of these products. I feel incredible! Thank you!

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