• Vital Harmony Pendant

    The Vital Harmony® Pendant  is composed of a mineral jade core wrapped in conducting alloy wire. If you use a computer, go shopping, or just ride in a car, then the Vital Harmony Pendant is for you. It is highly efficient at absorbing ionizing electromagnetic radiation. It transforms harmful UVC into UVA  (good ultraviolet), which supports and vitalizes the body. Wearing the Pendant in the center of the chest helps protect the body from damaging UVC (bad ultraviolet) and other ionizing potentials and helps reduce free radicals in the body.
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  • Sludge Buster – Auto

    Congratulations on joining the growing numbers who are enjoying improving health through their use of our easy-to-use Sludge Busters! The Auto Sludge Buster can cleanse the oxidative potential from an entire vehicle. It plugs into your cigarette lighter port, connecting through the electrical system to the entire metal body of the car, cleansing it of oxidative potential and thus protecting you and your passengers. The Auto Sludge Buster includes a USB port that allows you to charge your cell phone while protecting yourself from oxidative potentials.  
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  • VitalRest

    The VitalRest is a highly effective, vitalizing footrest which combines a gentle foot stimulator with the deep relaxation and extraordinary healing power of Infratonic  signals. When you send these signals up the nervous system to the brain, you bring about a large increase in coherent alpha brain waves and healing activity, enhancing neural communication all along the nervous system. Specific benefits include:
    • Reduces pain and numbness
    • Improves foot/feet issues
    • Improves circulation in the legs
    • Accelerates recovery to the entire lower body
    • Increases overall vitality
    • Promotes deep relaxation
    • Breaks up congestion in the body
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  • Infratonic 9

    • Battery powered and cord-free, the Infratonic 9 has powerful signals for pain relief, accelerated recovery, increase hyaluronic acid production, and dissolving of stagnant energies in the Vital Field. Experience profound pain relief, unwind, elevate your mood, and increase self-awareness. 30 hours of use per 1.5 hrs charge!
    • Discover how solid scientific research validates the efficacy of Infratonic therapy and offers insight into how best to apply it. Our research section goes way beyond anecdotal evidence to prove the benefits of this amazing technology.
    • All of our devices come with a 30 day money back guarantee.