• The agile updated positioning stand provides hands-free application for our Infratonic 9, Equitonic 9, Infratonic S, and Scalene Light therapy devices. Our newly designed stand will assist medical professionals, CHI tribe households, and equine specialists who value the versatility of hands-free therapy and multitasking. It’s a specialized tool, created to provide convenience and enable you to enhance your human experience. Simply touch the back of your Infratonic 9, Equitonic 9, Infratonic S, or Scalene Light to the positioning stand’s end and let the tool’s built-in magnet hold your therapy tool in place.
  • Travel with the author through his life as he begins as a young scientist, devoted to the scientific method of independent observation and single variable research, through the dark and mysterious magic of Chinese Qigong, to discover and reveal the science behind the secrets of health, longevity, and manifestation. Alma is the voice that flows through the author’s pen at 4 a.m. each morning, inviting you to go forth into joy, love, and bliss. Explore with him as he describes long forgotten and off-worldly technologies, discoveries from China, Australia, India, Egypt, Atlantis, and the shamans of Ecuador, who are all now emerging into our world to take us from a place of isolation and scarcity to one of wholeness, community, and abundance. "Whether you are a scientist seeking new perspectives on old technological problems, a seeker looking for new ways to understand and explain human vitality, or an avid reader of adventure, science fiction, or self-help books, Opening to Abundance delivers.”
  • The Vital Harmony locket is the perfect accessory for people who want to wear the Vital Harmony Pendant on the outside of their clothing. Comes in bronze or metal finish.  
    • Wall charger for the VitalRest
  • Battery Pack

    • Battery Pack for the Infratonic 9, Equitonic 9, and the Scalene Light.