Preventing the Flu and Gaining Immunity

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Preventing the Flu and Gaining Immunity

This girl needs her Infratonic!

Being sick with the flu is never fun.

We can try to avoid the flu by stocking up on flu medicines, but that’s not a solution for it. Maintaining a balanced diet, exercising, and taking nutritional supplements all boost immune competency in different ways, but we all need more to help prevent it.

What we need is a strong, competent immune system that will quickly identify the virus and build an army of antibodies to defeat it quickly. Three approaches are described here. First, we can restore immune competence by reducing trauma in the immune system. Second, we can attack air¬borne viruses before they get to us, and third, we can augment the electrical vitality the immune system needs to function strongly in a protracted battle against the flu.

Immune Enhancement Protocol:

A lot of you may not have known that fear and anxiety cause immune competency to plummet, therefore the objective of this immune enhancement protocol is to de-traumatize the immune system so it will be at its maximum effectiveness when it is needed.

The first step would be to apply the Infratonic 9 for ten minutes three times a week to the center of the chest just below the collarbone, and relax. The setting titled ‘BALANCE’ on the I-9 is the best, though all settings will help.

The second step would be to turn on the Infratonic 9 just before bed if it’s not already on and then use the DEEP CALM setting for the whole night, until you wake up the next morning. The machine can be placed on a night stand or on the positioning stand that we carry. This will help you sleep more relaxed and will also assist with the immune system.

The third step would be to use the CHIonizer. The CHIonizer infuses the body with electrical vitality both by producing ionized air that vitalizes the body and kills airborne pathogens directly, and by providing an ionic discharge within the body’s electrical field (about ½ inch from the skin).

The CHIonizer can be worn like a necklace or placed in a room whenever you are in an enclosed environment where airborne pathogens are present. Such as in a classroom filled with school kids, an airplane full of sneezing passengers, a busy department store with shoppers, or at work with your co-workers.

Please let us know if this protocol is helpful for you!

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  1. Ruza November 13, 2015 at 7:10 pm - Reply

    Unfortunately, not everyone knows HOW to let go of the netvgiae feelings. A spiritual affirmation (true statement) always works for me. One of my favorites is, the joy that none can take away is mine I walk with love today . It’s from a church hymn. When people try to steal my good energy, I just remember they don’t have that power! We just temporarily think they do.Your tips are great, Lynn! Always food for thought.

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