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Pain relief for dogs. Everyone deserves to live a life of health and vitality.

That belief forms the core of Sound Vitality’s mission to serve all of humanity.

I interviewed founder, Laura Bradshaw, to find out how she uses Infratonic therapy for pain relief for dogs and with the other animals that are brought to her facility for rehab. I heard some amazing stories that reinforced my belief that anyone (including animals), can benefit from this incredible technology.

Since most of our reader’s probably don’t know you, tell us a little about what Healing HEART Sanctuary (HHS) does.

We are an animal sanctuary for injured and disabled rescue animals. So they only come here if they have a physical issue. Many of the animals become what we call Ambassadors of Hope, because they work with people in the community that have special needs, to show them that you don’t have to be so-called “normal” to be of value in the world. You can be different, and be of value, and have a purpose.  And a lot of the people we work with have had similar situations; some of our animals are injured because they were abused. Abused people can identify with that because they went through the same thing. Some of the animals were injured; they were hit by a car or have similar issues. The special needs animals touch people differently. They touch our hearts differently. So we have found an amazing route to help humans, working with these special needs animals as well. It’s full circle. We’re humans healing animals, and the animals are healing us humans at the same time.

pain relief for dogs

Tell us about some of your more difficult cases where you found  Infratonic therapy valuable?
The most striking one to me was a dog that was pretty much not using one of its back legs. We were doing some water therapy with it and I could literally feel a “click” of one of the knee or hock joints when the dog was swimming. There was obviously some bone on bone action going on in the joint. We decided we would start using the Infratonic, based on the clinical standardbred horse research Sound Vitality has done. I was treating this dog for a friend’s animal society and found out that in a month they were going to be doing surgery on him. They had done surgery years before and there was a lot of scar tissue, but they thought they could probably try it again now. I thought this was a golden opportunity; they knew what they leg looked like, they knew the degree of scar tissue, and I thought if we really work hard with the Infratonic during the next month, then they’ll be able to see the difference. So we didn’t do any more water therapy, we just used the Infratonic on the dog 3 times per week. The dog’s leg was really atrophied. You could almost put your fingers all the way around his thigh on that leg. His other leg was like super beefcake for taking the weight. Next thing we know, we start looking and asking “which leg is it again?”  The leg changed dramatically. The gait changed, his leg filled out, all the muscle came back, there was no more clicking of that joint that we were having a problem with, the bone on bone issue resolved, which we know the Infratonic helps the body create more hyaluronic acid to fill in those joints, it was just absolutely striking. The day before the surgery, they canceled it. They said “We never expected the dog to get this good, even with the surgery, so why go in?” It saved the dog from surgery, and recovery from the surgery. That dog got adopted about a week after that. I met the people who were adopting and they bought an Infratonic machine too, to keep the therapy going. I showed them pictures of what the dog looked like before. It completely changed everything. […]

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