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Many Sound Vitality customers use our products to reduce Pain, Inflammation & Injury, which not only causes them discomfort or pain, but has been found (when chronic or acute) to be a predecessor to illness and disease. Using an Infratonic 9 or Mobile Medic can certainly provide soothing relief of inflammation, but the effects will be temporary if the cause of the inflammation itself is not eliminated.</p><p>So what are the causes of pain, inflammation and injury?

There are numerous things that contribute to it, including stress, smoking, UV radiation, EMF radiation, environmental toxins (e.g. pesticides), excess fat tissue, and even food. The biggest food culprits are trans and saturated fats, sugar, refined carbohydrates, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, fried foods, foods to which you are sensitive or allergic, corn, and for many, gluten and dairy. GMO foods (genetically modified) have also been linked to inflammatory responses. There are lots of wonderful foods and herbs that can reduce inflammation. Exercise is also very beneficial in reducing inflammation. And meditation, which can reduce stress, can help with this as well.

Knowledge is power, and I encourage you to be empowered with your health by learning what you can do to effectively reduce inflammation, thereby reducing your risk for illness or disease.

Battery powered and cord-free, the Infratonic 9 has powerful signals for pain relief, accelerated recovery, and dissolving of stagnant energies in the Vital Field. Experience profound pain relief, unwind, elevate your mood, and increase self-awareness. 30+ hours of use per 1.5 hrs charge!

Discover how solid scientific research validates the efficacy of Infratonic therapy and offers insight into how best to apply it. Our research section goes way beyond anecdotal evidence to prove the benefits of this amazing technology.

This product is backed by our 45-Day Unconditional Return Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor.

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Pain, Inflammation & Injury

Be in control of your pain… not the other way around. Trauma sends cells into chaos. Promote healing and relief for any kind of pain, inflammation and injury in tissues, muscles and joints, acute injuries, chronic spasms, trauma to menstrual cramps. Cells often react to injury, surgery, and other distress by producing excess inflammatory chemicals. Unfortunately, inflammation can slow down healing and cause pain. And pain hurts. The randomized sound waves of the I-9 penetrate deep to those frenzied cells, returning them to their calm, normal state so they can begin their natural healing process towards long-term relief. The I-9 is ideal for promoting healing and relief for any kind of injury or pain in tissues, muscles and joints — from acute injuries to chronic spasms, traumatic accidents to menstrual cramps, and everything in between.

Everyone deserves to live a life of health and vitality.

That belief forms the core of Sound Vitality’s mission to serve all of humanity.

Our dedicated team of scientists, engineers, inventors and customer service experts offers innovative, non-invasive devices that work in harmony with the body to promote accelerated healing, relieve pain and restore peace.

We want all people to be at their best. With devices designed to help the world be healthy and happy, we are helping make that possible — one satisfied customer at a time.