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Natural Stress Relief Solutions & Stress Therapy

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We are now officially in the holiday shopping season. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now behind us, the stress of finding the perfect gifts at the right price continues. It is important to understand what stress is and how it affects our body, and how we might alleviate or avoid it. The following information was taken from the Treatment Center of our website.

Stress is our body’s internal reaction to stressful situations. Yet it’s also an electrical frenzy throughout the body—a cellular trauma that causes increased levels of cortisol, higher blood sugar levels, lower immune response and healing rates, and a host of degenerative conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Those who are sensitive to emotions feel the electrical frenzy and often suffer from panic attacks. Those attuned to the physical body experience stress, tight neck and shoulder muscles, overall body rigidity, and elevated sugar and cholesterol levels.

The unpredictable sound waves of the Infratonic can break up this electrical frenzy and cellular trauma—normalizing our bodies’ biochemical activity and bringing about a sense of whole-body relaxation. Not only can Infratonic Therapy provide immediate tension and natural stress relief, it can complement lifestyle factors—such as diet, exercise and optimism—to improve the body’s heart and circulatory conditions, endurance, healing rate, and immune response.

Anxiety Treatment & Stress Therapy
To dissipate the emotional frenzy and evoke a state of mental calm, start by applying the Infratonic to the upper chest for 10 to 20 minutes. To alleviate anger, treat the liver area for 10 minutes and to treat feat, apply the therapy to the sacrum for 10 minutes. To relax physically, apply the Infratonic to tense muscles, thymus, and upper abdomen, over liver and pancreas, to help normalize biochemistry.

Occasionally, initial use of the therapy can induce a state of anxiety by activating anger and fear. If this is observed, simply delay treatment of liver and sacrum, and start with treating heart (center of chest), and bottoms of the feet, then perform a sweeping therapy (holding the transducer several inches away from the body and slowly moving it down the body) from head to toe. It can also help to treat the heart from several inches away and move the therapy closer to the heart slowly, so the patient can let go of the anxiety gradually.

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