More than 15% of Cancer Deaths Worldwide are Associated with…

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More than 15% of Cancer Deaths Worldwide are Associated with…

16290A new research article posted in The Journal of Clinical Investigation states:

“Chronic inflammation is associated with an increased risk of cancer, and more than 15% of cancer deaths worldwide are associated with an underlying infection or inflammatory condition. For example, patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), encompassing both ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease, have an increased susceptibility to colorectal cancer; indeed, patients with extensive UC are at least 3- to 5-fold more likely to develop colorectal cancer than the general population. Further, the risk of colon cancer in patients with UC increases with the severity and duration of the inflammatory disease. The association between cancer and intestinal inflammation is further strengthened by the fact that controlling or inhibiting inflammation in patients with IBD with long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors, reduces cancer risk by 40%–50%.”

If you type the words “disease and inflammation” into the search box on, you will get over 126,063 results for studies which have been published there on that subject. That’s just today – that number seems to go up daily. That should tell you that the issue of inflammation as it relates to disease is serious business.

How do you know if you have inflammation in your body? Well, if you have any health issues, there is a good chance you have inflammation. If you don’t have any known health issues, you may still have inflammation which has not yet manifested itself into a health issue. There are many foods that are known to cause inflammation in the body: sugar, grains, gluten, caffeine, vegetable cooking oils (try olive, flax, or coconut oils), trans fats, dairy products, feedlot farm animal meats, alcohol, artificial additives, processed foods…and anything that your own body has an inflammatory response to. You can generally get away with eating some of those things some of the time, but if you eat any of them on a consistent basis, you will most certainly develop chronic inflammation and serious health issues. So, the first step in reducing inflammation is eliminating foods that cause it.

Infratonic Therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation, which in turn helps promote healing in the body. For this reason, many of our customers have found a better quality of living by using our products. Below are some testimonials we have received from customers who have found relief for their stomach/intestine/bowel/colon issues, using Infratonic Therapy.

* “My daughter uses the infratonic and would only part with it if she had a newer model. She uses it regularly for menstrual cramps and irritable bowel syndrome. She says it’s a life saver and is so easy to use, She can move the infratonic to wherever the cramps hurt most, and she soon finds herself relaxing. During an attack of IBS, she can use a setting that is soothing, which calms her bowel and her anxiety as well. She is a busy mother of 4 and this feature is invaluable. Regarding the constipation phase of IBS, the versatile infratonic can be set to promote motility, which is always welcome before she’s due to taxi the children from one end of town to the other. Personally, I use it for bloating as well as many other conditions.”

* “Problem: Colon problems for 5 years, colitis and spastic colon in sigmoid and descending colon, bad bacteria in colon and leaky gut.

Treatment: Two 20 minute treatments a day (one in the morning and another in evening). Placed Infratonic 4.3 over sigmoid and descending colon. Used the medium setting. Treated for 7 days.

Quality of Life Improvements: Reduction in pain. More Energy. More Optimism. Feeling stronger.”

* “Indigestion, colitis. Placed transducer over CV-8, Daily for 2 weeks. Off medications after treatment. Less pain, bloating, able to sleep better, more energy, improved mental attitude.”

* “Patient with past history of diverticulosis, was experiencing an acute episode of abdominal pain. During previous episodes of inflammation and pain she was treated with antibiotic therapy and warm packs. The usual time of resolution from allopathic treatment was 7 to 10 days. The patient came to my office at the onset of acute pain and with infratonic therapy the symptoms resolved within 2 days. She used the infratonic unit on the medium setting for 20 minutes twice per day.”

* “I have had irritable bowel syndrome since I was a child. For years the only thing that helped with the pain was drinking a lot of hot water and hoping that it would help. Ever since I have had an Infratonic machine (beginning with the first one out) it has never failed to relieve the pain and spasm. When the pain occurs, I place the Infratonic on the location of pain (which is usually in the middle of the transverse colon). When the pain subsides I move the transducer along the descending colon until the spasm is gone. This takes about 20 minutes total. Using the Infratonic on these areas regularly has decreased the number of acute episodes greatly.

These pains used to occur often and now they are rare. I still have to be careful not to eat dry things like crackers before other foods, but the episodes have been greatly decreased and if they do occur I know for sure the Infratonic will erase the pain. This is terrific news for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, since the pain can be debilitating.”


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