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Moon of Grace

A Story from Richard~

She became weak. She couldn’t walk. She got to the hospital. There was nothing they could do. They all said she would die.

She felt the fear within her. She also felt a choice. It would be so easy to fall into the fear and to fulfill the expectations of the experts.  She felt the overwhelming fear of death. As she examined her faith she found another door. She was surrounded in Light. She felt wrapped in profound, unconditional love.

From this perspective of Light she saw all the doctors’ activities as from a distance. She was detached. She also perceived the choice. Would she choose to live her remaining life in fear or in faith? She knew she had chosen faith and felt the Light deepen.  She felt deep gratitude to the doctors, nurses, and technicians who served her.

She knew it would be so easy to fall again into the fear, that choosing to live in faith was to become an ongoing, daily pursuit.  Many would call this a near death experience. The bright light. The detachment from the immediate circumstances, the spontaneous remission from an incurable condition.

Others might frame it as a simple choice to live in love instead of fear. Some would insist that it was all random chance and placebo effect and could be explained by blood sugar or brain chemicals. And yet others, like her would attribute it to the Grace of God or an Angelic gift.

She saw that the fall of man was in choosing profit over gratitude, in choosing fear over faith.  Like so many near death survivors, she now lives in a different world, a world of choosing faith over fear daily, choosing gratitude over profit. She knows that, when we die, life continues and even deepens. She didn’t die then but she did experience the love, light, and freedom that life after death has to offer, and no longer fears death.  The physical body may die, but the conscious awareness lives on. She ponders why people don’t see that they are choosing a life of fear, worries, competition, and struggle, constantly repressing the love and joy hidden within them.

Life is a choice. Do we choose fear or love, logic or faith, experts or trust in our inner knowing?  We choose every moment. Do we repeatedly choose facts over life?

May Grace fill your life,


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