Is Your Life Ruined by Lower Back Pain?

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Is Your Life Ruined by Lower Back Pain?

The medical studies are alarming: during their lives, most people are affected by lower back pain. This medical condition is responsible for more incapacity and sick leave than any other. Check out the facts:

  • Eight out of ten people have suffered – or will suffer – from this debilitating ailment.
  • Half of all people who experience lower back pain will have a repeat attack within twelve months.

Lower Back Pain – Acute or Chronic?

Acute lower back pain occurs suddenly. Very often, you will know exactly what caused it: an accident that jars your back, for instance, such as a fall from a chair or a ladder. Or you may simply stumble and pitch backwards to the ground.

Whatever the cause, you will probably strain and tear the ligaments, tendons and muscles in your lower back. All of these tissues are essential to your well-being, and any trauma affecting them produces severe pain.

A particularly severe accident will cause even more serious damage. This could be a fracture in the lumbar spine, or a break in the coccyx at the base of the spinal column (otherwise known as the tailbone). The pain from such injuries can be excruciating – as you may already know.

The cause of chronic pain – pain that continues for a long time – can be more difficult to assess. It may be caused by deterioration of the discs between the spine’s vertebrae. In other words, chronic muscle tension may hold the discs in compression, causing them to dry out, applying pressure to the nerves that run through the spine. The result is severe lower back pain.  This immobility can lead to osteoarthritis.

Others suffer when the joints of the lower back become inflamed. This can be due to rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is not only chronic, it can steadily progress through the system.

Another common contributor to chronic lower back pain is osteoporosis, in which the bones of the spine become brittle and fragile because of hormonal changes or vitamin deficiencies.

Other Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Spondylosis – This is advanced osteoarthritis and can be very painful.
  • Sciatica – Compression of the spinal discs can also cause compression of the nerve roots in the lower back, resulting in intense, shooting pain.
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – Pressure on the spinal cord, a consequence of damage to the fiber that houses the cord, can lead to lumbar spinal stenosis. The most noticeable physical sign of this condition is the way that sufferers must stand or sit with a hunched posture to ease the appalling pain.
  • Depression – For 80% of those who have lower back pain, doctors cannot determine the cause. This adds to the depression that sufferers often feel because they have no understanding or control of their disorder.

Pain Relief Research at Sound Vitality

As a result of continuous research, Sound Vitality, introduced the Infratonic 9. This device was based on Chaos Therapy® and proved to be a great help for anyone afflicted with the torture of lower back pain.

Sound Vitality then began to address two further, related issues:

  • Improving the healing process
  • Helping the mind battle the negative effects of pain

Often pain and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. Both motivate us to action, but many times — like with chest pain and panic attacks — we don’t know which is the cause and which is the effect. That’s because pain increases our anxiety levels, and likewise, anxiety can increase the sensation of pain as much as tenfold.

Below the Surface

At the cellular level, anxiety is closely linked with high levels of cortisol, which keeps our cells on high alert and ready to react to stimuli. Ironically, high cortisol levels actually repress the production of inflammatory chemicals — and therefore, interfere with the natural healing process. Thus, anxiety actually masks pain and makes us look external sources for the cause of our discomfort, when the source may actually be within.

This repression of inflammatory chemicals explains why high levels of cortisol contribute to coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetic symptoms. It also explains why anxiety can impede natural healing and turn acute injuries into chronic pain.

The Solution: Reducing Cellular Trauma

The key to reducing both pain and anxiety is reducing cellular trauma, or noise. This trauma can come from within us, as well as from our environment and from injuries, and surgery.

The noise within us is often amplified by emotional noise—our reactions to upsetting news or recent interpersonal conflicts, including anger, resentment, and feelings of failure and abandonment. Unfortunately, these feelings evoke even more noise within us, which only worsens our anxiety and pain.

Chaos Therapy Calms Trembling

Recent research at Sound Vitality reveals that Infratonic Therapy is highly effective at breaking up our bodies’ Theta and Beta activity in our nervous system.

Graph 1 shows the
trembling of a test subject just before starting infratonic Therapy, with noise across the spectrum from zero to 20Hz.

Graph 2 shows that
after just three minutes of Infratonic Therapy, the noise has decreased and is
predominantly in the alpha range.
After two minutes of rest after therapy, Graph 3 shows that the noise has decreased even further, leaving the subject feeling calm, relaxed, and mentally clear..

This noise resonates in every cell of our body, and is measured as involuntary muscle contractions.

Essentially, Infratonic Therapy® applies low-frequency sound and massage waves directly to our cells. These signals are unpredictable and in the same frequency range as our cooperative nervous system communications, which helps the waves penetrate deep into the tissue and dissipate repeating vibrational patterns.

The results can be profound in just a few minutes — including deep relaxation, undisturbed sleep, relief from long-term pain, and a calm, worry-free mental state.

Over the years, Sound Vitality has persisted in searching for improvements and refinements to its products so that lower back pain is dispelled as quickly and effectively as possible. This persistence has paid off, and the Sound Vitality now offers the Infratonic 9. It not only represent years of successful investigation into pain relief. It can help you even when other treatments have let you down.

If you suffer from lower back pain, whether acute or chronic, the Infratonic 9 can provide you with the pain relief that you desperately need.

Try Our 45-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

The Infratonic 9 has evolved as a result of years of research, customer feedback and practical experience. So why not try it knowing that if you are dissatisfied in any way, you can return it within 45 days?

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