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Judgment Is Not Skin Deep

Judgment Is Not Skin Deep

Unlike beauty which we are told resides on the surface, judgment penetrates deeply into every bone and tendon of our bodies. And while beauty has little effect on our health and healing powers, judgment can stop healing in its tracks.

What, you may ask, is so special about judgment? As it turns out, the cells of our bodies can be strongly affected by emotions, specifically the production of inflammation in reaction to judgment. You may think that the cells our bodies don’t know about our thoughts and feelings, yet research shows that prayer and loving feelings accelerate recovery, and touch by a mother or a massage therapist calms inflammatory activities almost immediately.

On the other side, judgment, whether by another, against another or against ourselves causes our cells to increase their production of inflammatory chemicals. Where judgments are internalized the inflammation often becomes chronic. Arthritis and intestinal inflammation illustrate this. The Infratonic 9 uses unpredictable sounds to break up patterns of judgment within the tissue to reduce inflammation and discomfort quickly.

“Finally pain-free and grateful for the Infratonic 9. I have been using the Infratonic 9 since October 2014 for various ailments, i.e. muscle aches, better quality of sleep, relaxation sessions, etc., and have been very satisfied with the performance of the device. I was finally pain-free and grateful for the I-9 which helped me recover quickly and safely. I recommend this device to anyone seeking pain-inflammation-stress-anxiety relief in a very effective way without dangerous side effects.”
Diana M. Pengitore, ND Virginia Beach, VA

You may have noticed that judgmental words from others penetrate a lot deeper when you are already feeling confused or overwhelmed. Your cells work the same way.  Those cells closest to loud noise, a bruise, strain, pull, incision, or fracture are most influenced by judgment. They can internalize it at vulnerable moments, and carry a pattern of inflammation, and pain for years. In some cases the inflammation contributes to the development of deformities and disabilities.

A great example is a bone fracture.  Bones heal quickly. In most cases they can heal themselves completely within a month. However, if any judgment penetrates the fracture, cells along the fracture site produce inflammation, blocking the normal healing, forcing the body to create a loose callus formation around the bone as a temporary internal splint. These incomplete fractures often never heal completely and become a source of chronic pain.

The Infratonic 9 can also remove the effects of judgment from your pets. Here’s an example from the world of animals where judgment, often from humans, in this case, probably including the trainer and vets, penetrates deeply:

“My Thoroughbred Stallion fractured his tibial crest with open wound to the joint. The owner was told by several vets that her horse would never be sound to ride except for trail at a walk. After 8 months and three sets of x-rays there was no apparent change. The horse was not healing and would apparently never be sound.

I used the Equitonic for one month, every other day, for fifteen minutes to one half hour, holding the transducer directly over the fracture. In only that one month, x-rays were taken again. The vet said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but don’t stop”. The fracture has almost healed and almost all of the arthritis was gone. I truly believe the Equitonic healed my horse. He is not lame at all. And it is all quite amazing. You should see him run and buck and play and never take a sore step.”

Infratonic therapy dissolved the judgment and the horse did the rest.

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