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25 years of proven safe and effective results. ​Real People, Real Results: 



I couldn’t be happier.  The pain was severe and felt like a tendonitis. Sudden onset, rapid spreading.  Now, completely gone.

The I-9 is my go-to aid.  It’s a godsend.  I take it when we’re headed off for a day trip.  I don’t leave home without it! I am a lucky woman to have access to such things–to know about them and to be able to afford them.  I am so grateful.

– Kathleen Day




​Wide spread pain and chronic fatigue…and the pain was GONE.

I suffer from widespread pain and chronic fatigue, as well as migraine headaches. Several years ago, a friend had a strange machine set up next to her bed that she said was for alleviating pain. She swiped it across my shoulder, which had been hurting for several months. After only a few swipes it actually made a noticeable difference!

So, I borrowed it for my hip, which had been experiencing severe pain for several years. I slept with it for only one night and the pain was GONE. I purchased the Infratonic 9 that same week and sleep with it most nights. It’s worked wonders for me. I would recommend this to anyone who is experiencing any sort of pain because it has made such a big difference in my life.

– Jennifer Raphael


I could not be more pleased with the Sound Vitality Infratonic 9!

This device has become an indispensable tool in our family’s first aid kit. I have used it to alleviate joint pains in multiple sites, as well as for ear pain associated with a recent bout of otitis. My son has used it for back pain associated with traumatic injury. I even tried it for a difficult episode of vertigo, with great success. The device is clearly effective at reducing inflammation in a variety of settings. Safe and effective, this is clearly a revolutionary alternative to traditional medical therapy.

– Jennifer Maunder


Wherever pain is excess and not contributing to healing, the problem is nearly always inflammation.  Excess inflammation is caused by old patterns of trauma or stored emotions in the cells.  The Infratonic quickly brings the inflamed cells into a state of cooperation instead of a state of rage, defensiveness, or combativeness.  This manifests as reduced redness, pain, swelling, and improved circulation.  Whenever the cells stop fighting and start working together for the wellbeing of the whole body, pain decreases dramatically and all forms of healing accelerate.

Scientific Basis

Animal studies are the gold standard of medical research.  Controlled studies with horses show that redness and inflammation decrease rapidly and that healing accelerates. This is a radically different approach than all other therapies because it infuses the tissue with chaotic (unpredictable) signals which break up repeating patterns of inflammation. It shows that simply applying the Infratonic to inflamed cells anywhere in the body provides pain relief and accelerated recovery by reducing inflammation and improving circulation.

Features and Benefits

  • Simply put it where it hurts for fast pain relief and accelerated recovery
  • Stops disruptive inflammation fast
  • Focuses the body’s resources away from inflammation and toward cooperative healing
  • Safe to apply for as long as you like
  • Can be applied over metal pins and staples, and even plaster casts



 Safe & non-invasive
Easy to use
Accelerates natural pain relief & healing

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