Infratonic Therapy for Horses? You Bet!

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Infratonic Therapy for Horses? You Bet!

Animals provide great customer testimonials, as they either respond to the therapy or do not – there is no placebo effect that can influence the therapeutic results such that we so often see in humans.

This came from an article in the New York Times, Nurturing a Colt’s Inner Superstar – June 3, 2001:


“Monarchos, the Kentucky Derby winner, is devoted to what his trainers call “the chi-gong machine,’’ an [infrasound] device [ed: Equitonic, the equine version of the Infratonic]. Yvonne Azeff, an assistant to his trainer, Jeff Ward, said “Within two minutes his eyes get softer looking, he yawns and goes into La-La Land — just like a person getting a massage.”

The colt cost $170,000 as a 2-year-old, but after running the fastest time at Churchill Downs since Secretariat’s legendary run in 1973, his value shot to at least $30 million as a stud prospect. Wow!

And another article which appeared in the Winter 2003/2004, Vol. 9, Issue 36, of The Holistic Horse magazine, by G. Diane Volz and Christina Macri

“Few therapeutic modalities have moved so quickly from the bottom of the therapy cart to the stalls of some of the finest blue blood thoroughbred racehorses in the country like infrasound therapy. Infratonic technology is a patented chaotic sound wave in the range of 8.5-13.8 Hertz. It is highly effective in treating pain, inflammation and swelling, and also for calming therapies. The infratonic unit is small and very easy to use. The settings are high, medium, and low. We use the high settings to treat directly on the body, unless you get the odd horse who is too sensitive, but most horses love the high setting and relax immediately.” To read more, click here.

And from Sally Wright, a customer who shared her testimonial in our Amazon store:

“I’d not used my Infratonic on an animal until a friend called late at night to see what I might do to help one of their mares that had been severely beat up by another very mean mare. I got there and she appeared to be very lethargic and in shock. She had kick marks and swelling all over her body. A shoulder was extremely swollen to the point we thought it might be broken. There was also a deep puncture wound in the shoulder from a nail she’d run into.

I followed the protocol for removing trauma and moved to each kick mark, working slowly over each one. I spent a good bit more time on the shoulder and then swept the entire body from her top line down and out the bottom of her hooves. Her respiration changed markedly as I worked, as she appeared to calm down and not show so much anxiety.

The next morning I received an early call stating that she was completely better, eating and bright-eyed and that the swelling in the shoulder was almost completely gone. For anyone who knows horses, this is very remarkable since they have to stand on their legs most of the time, therefore not having any time to heal. If I had not just gotten an Infratonic we’re fairly sure this mare would not have made it.”

If you would like to learn more about the Equitonic (the equine version of the Infratonic 9), and the accelerated healing and remarkable recoveries it can offer, call our office at 800-743-5608.

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