Experimental Research on the Qigong State and the Effects of Emitted Qi on Neural Mechanisms

//Experimental Research on the Qigong State and the Effects of Emitted Qi on Neural Mechanisms

Experimental Research on the Qigong State and the Effects of Emitted Qi on Neural Mechanisms

The Infratonic® is a stochastic resonance device that produces infrasonic waves similar to
the Qi emitted by the hands of Qigong masters. Using electroencephalograph (EEG) we
show that the emitted Qi from Qigong masters has a strong effect on human central nervous
system (CNS), and that the Qigong Infratonic device produces a similar effect. We also
found similar changes in the brains of the Qigong masters during meditation. Thus, the
results show that the emitted Qi from Qigong masters and from the Infratonic device have
a pronounced and repeatable effect on EEG, enhancing frontal and occipital EEG power
spectra, and often enhancing the frontal lobe so much that the frontal lobe becomes the
dominant alpha EEG activity. Moreover, the brain alpha frequency synchronizes with the
emitted Qi from Qigong masters and the Qi from the Infratonic device. The results indicate
that the infrasound frequency produced by the Infratonic device has a similar effect that
the emitted Qi from Qigong masters on humans CNS.


Qigong is a system of physical and mental exercises that has been practiced in
China for thousands of years. By the end of the 1970’s, China awoke from the
nightmare of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). During those 10 years
Qigong was a forbidden practice and most Chinese considered Qigong masters (those
who have mastered this Qigong training) to be mythical storybook characters with
super-human powers. However, in the late 1970’s the government in China became
interested in the quality of the energy emitted by the Qigong Masters. The Qigong
research investigations started after the then new Chairman of China Deng Xiaoping took
power in 1977 and decided to scientifically study the claimed phenomenon of Qigong
energy. Thus, using laboratory equipment the measurement of emitted Qi began.

Between latest 1970s and early 1980s different researchers started the investigations on the
nature of Qigong. Dr. Yan-Fang Lu from the National Institute of Electroacoustic in
Beijing was one of these first scientists. Dr. Lu found highly measurable low frequency
sound emitted from the hands of Qigong masters in the range of 4 Hz to 20 Hz with a peak
around 10 Hz. Her group measured a wide variety of healers, and while the signal varied
from healer to healer, the overall quality was definable and reproducible. So, in 1985 she
built the first prototype of the Qigong Infratonic device to reproduce the Qigong healing
energy. This device was then tested in thousands of hospitalized patients in China and it
was found that this Qigong simulator was effective at reducing medical symptoms and
accelerating recovery. The therapeutic benefits included headache relief, pain reduction,
muscular relaxation, increased circulation, alleviation of depression and more (Su, Lee and
Yuan 1996, Lee, 1990, Yuan 1993). Dr. Lu’s work has been recognized both in the China
Ministry of Health and the National Committee for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Later other investigators corroborated the findings of Dr. Lu, for example Professor Huan
Zhang Xie in 1985 detected infrasound at the low frequency range between 2 and 30 Hz in
the Qigong state, which could not be detected in the normal state of a Qigong masters or
an ordinary person (Xie, 1985, 1989). Similarly, the research group of Dr. Hou (1993)
analyzed and found infrasound signals in Qigong state from Qigong masters. We also
found the same results as Dr. Lu (Xin, Guolong and Zhiming, 1988). Other investigations
into Qigong illustrated physical manifestations different than infrasound, such as farinfrared radiation or heat (Gu and Lin, 1978, Lin et al., 1980), bio-magnetism (Wu et al,
1991), static electricity (Gu and Cheng, 1980) and electrical particle flow or light (Gu and
Zhao, 1979, Wang et al., 1995).

Because of the effectiveness of Dr. Lu’s infrasound Qigong stimulator, the Infratonic
device, the Government Institutions in China were highly motivated to look further into
the importance of infrasound on humans. Our research group was assigned to study the
relationship between the infrasound waves from the Infratonic device and the emitted Qi
from Qigong masters. The effects of the Infratonic device and the emitted Qi from masters

on the human brain were analyzed using electroencephalography (EEG), which records
electrical activity within the brain and provides information about processing in real-time.
The present project was sponsored by the China Government Department of Education and
the Department of Natural Sciences. This research was conducted at the Department of the
Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The results confirmed that masters in
the Qigong state produced a very high degree of acoustic activity in the subsonic range
below 20 Hertz (infrasound), similar to the alpha rhythm of EEG. This study also shows
that the emitted Qi from Qigong masters enhances and synchronizes alpha activity in the
brains of humans and that the Infratonic device induces similar changes. Moreover, Qigong
masters experience similar changes in their own brains during Qigong meditation.

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