Inflammation and Pain Caused by Cellular Trauma

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Inflammation and Pain Caused by Cellular Trauma

Tennis ElbowCellular Trauma Causes Inflammation and Pain, and Interferes with Recovery

When our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage become injured, the cells often become traumatized—even more so when associated with strong emotions like fear, anger, or self blame. Without this cellular trauma, cells work in harmony and soft tissue injuries heal rapidly promoting natural pain relief. However, when cellular trauma is present, it causes excess production of inflammatory chemicals, which often cause swelling, muscle contraction, and pain, consume unnecessary vital resources, and interfere with the healing process.

The unpredictable sound waves of the Infratonic dissolve cellular trauma quickly and effectively, helping to stop excess inflammation and support natural pain relief. As the cells stop producing inflammatory chemicals, they begin generating healing chemicals that pave the way toward accelerated recovery. In cases of fresh injury with swelling, applying an ice gel pack, then the Infratonic over it, reduces the internal bleeding and swelling more rapidly for reduced swelling and faster relief from pain.

For chronic soft tissue injury, apply the Infratonic to the injury once or twice per day for 10 to 20 minutes, or as required to control pain.

If a fracture is treated within 24 hours of injury, apply the Infratonic gently to the affected area several times a day for a minimum of 20 minutes each. Sometimes, it’s most comfortable to start Infratonic Therapy with the transducer 12 or more inches away, then gradually move it closer as the trauma is reduced. This helps keep the swelling down, so the body can produce and retain Hyaluronic acid in the traumatized area.

Where there is muscle spasm, apply the Infratonic through an ice gel pack for 10 minutes several times until the muscles relax.

It is possible to achieve improved recovery time and results for injury and trauma to the body by using Infratonic Therapy. Read more in the Treatment section of our website.

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