Healing Injured Animals (and People too!)

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Healing Injured Animals (and People too!)

Healing Injured Animals: An Interview with Laura Bradshaw, Healing HEART Sanctuary, 3/14/13

Last month I interviewed founder, Laura Bradshaw, to find out how she uses Infratonic therapy with the animals that are brought to her facility for rehab. I heard some amazing stories that reinforced my belief that anyone (including animals), can benefit from this incredible technology.

Since most of our reader’s probably don’t know you, tell us a little about what Healing HEART Sanctuary (HHS) does.

We are an animal sanctuary for injured and disabled rescue animals. So they only come here if they have a physical issue. Many of the animals become what we call Ambassadors of Hope, because they work with people in the community that have special needs, to show them that you don’t have to be so-called “normal” to be of value in the world. You can be different, and be of value, and have a purpose.  And a lot of the people we work with have had similar situations; some of our animals are injured because they were abused. Abused people can identify with that because they went through the same thing. Some of the animals were injured; they were hit by a car or have similar issues. The special needs animals touch people differently. They touch our hearts differently. So we have found an amazing route to help humans, working with these special needs animals as well. It’s full circle. We’re humans healing animals, and the animals are healing us humans at the same time.

What kinds of animals do you work with? I see dogs posted a lot on your Facebook page.

We work with domestic and farm animals. Dogs and cats are the typical domestic animal, and we have farm animals, goats and ducks. At the moment we have some tortoises, turtles and reptiles, and a bunny. We’ve worked with cows, horses and sheep. In some ways we’re kind of like the injured or disabled petting zoo.

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How long have you guys been using Infratonic therapy at HHS?

I would say almost the full nine years. When we first started, I was still living in Los Angeles and had a disabled sheep and a calf with me. That’s when I was introduced to the Infratonic by somebody who asked me if I wanted to try it on my sheep. The sheep hated that machine, but you could tell it was doing something. In trying to treat the sheep, I had twisted my back, so my friend said to try it on my back. So I did, and next thing I knew, all of my back pain was gone. I was sold on the machine at that point! The sheep didn’t like it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good for her! I didn’t use it a lot on her because of her dislike of it, but there are plenty of animals that love it.

Tell us about some of your more difficult cases where you found  Infratonic therapy valuable?

The most striking one to me was a dog that was pretty much not using one of its back legs. We were doing some water therapy with it and I could literally feel a “click” of one of the knee or hock joints when the dog was swimming. There was obviously some bone on bone action going on in the joint. We decided we would start using the Infratonic, based on the clinical standardbred horse research Sound Vitality has done. I was treating this dog for a friend’s animal society and found out that in a month they were going to be doing surgery on him. They had done surgery years before and there was a lot of scar tissue, but they thought they could probably try it again now. I thought this was a golden opportunity; they knew what they leg looked like, they knew the degree of scar tissue, and I thought if we really work hard with the Infratonic during the next month, then they’ll be able to see the difference. So we didn’t do any more water therapy, we just used the Infratonic on the dog 3 times per week. The dog’s leg was really atrophied. You could almost put your fingers all the way around his thigh on that leg. His other leg was like super beefcake for taking the weight. Next thing we know, we start looking and asking “which leg is it again?”  The leg changed dramatically. The gait changed, his leg filled out, all the muscle came back, there was no more clicking of that joint that we were having a problem with, the bone on bone issue resolved, which we know the Infratonic helps the body create more hyaluronic acid to fill in those joints, it was just absolutely striking. The day before the surgery, they canceled it. They said “We never expected the dog to get this good, even with the surgery, so why go in?” It saved the dog from surgery, and recovery from the surgery. That dog got adopted about a week after that. I met the people who were adopting and they bought an Infratonic machine too, to keep the therapy going. I showed them pictures of what the dog looked like before. It completely changed everything.

When I first began using the machine, a friend of mine had had a double mastectomy3 years prior. We were having a block party and she asked if she could try the Infratonic. I kid you not, it was only 5 minutes later, she starts screaming and we all come running in, having no idea what’s happened. She’s yelling “My chest, my chest! The scar tissue released!” So I knew that it works for scar tissue, so when they brought the dog to us, I knew it would work on his scar tissue.

We had a dog at the local vet who had been hit by a car, and it was screaming bloody murder. It had never been out of a 4×4 pen, and somehow escaped and ran right in front of a car and got hit, and that was his first experience out of the pen, and he was just screaming for 24 hours. After all the surgery, putting in plates to reconstruct everything in the back end, I brought my Infratonic over to use on the dog. The dog immediately stopped screaming and never screamed like that again. And, though she couldn’t delineate how much faster, the vet said she knows the wound healed faster than it would have without the Infratonic. Also, the dog’s hair [in the surgical area] grew back much faster, which was an unexpected result.

We had a Dachshund that was at a local shelter and his back legs weren’t working. The vets had said that if she wasn’t walking again in 2 weeks, there was nothing more they could do for her and she would never walk again. They called me about 3 days past the 2 weeks and asked me if I could take the dog. I wasn’t able to at the time, but I took them a sling that I had built specifically for that kind of dog and I brought the Infratonic to treat her. Two days later I had to make an unexpected trip, so I loaned them the Infratonic for 5 days. I told them to put it on the dog’s cage in such a way that the dog could go in and out of the zone of the frequencies as she wanted to. I had expected to hear something from them while I was gone, but didn’t hear anything. The day I came back I called them and asked how the dog was doing and they said “Oh, she’s walking and has been adopted.”

We had one dog that had eaten a rancid duck egg. The bacteria in the egg crossed the brain barrier and caused him to go into seizures and resulted in other issues as well. Initially all 4 legs were paralyzed, but he came back from that having only 1 leg paralyzed. The owners started bringing him here for water therapy and we started using the Infratonic too, and he hated it. He would always move around and try to get away from it. We realized that the Infratonic made him relax and fall asleep, and he felt like he couldn’t protect his people. So then we started giving him a big rawhide to chew on during the Infratonic treatment, which helped him stay awake. Then he loved the machine! It helped him on so many different fronts, from all of the different issues he had.

A lot of the dogs that were coming here to do water therapy would go into a panic with the swimming, or if they had surgery swimming would be painful, even though it was good for them. We would always do the Infratonic after the water therapy, and it would help them relax and calm down from the physical work we just did.

There was also a feral cat in someone’s home that would not let you touch her. She had a medical issue and had gotten under a bed in a corner and there was no way to get to her easily. So I set up the Infratonic and pointed it toward her, but she could always move out of its range, and then I backed away. My friend and I would peek under the bed every now and then and saw the cat would move toward the machine and get right in front of it, and then move away, and then back in front of it. You could tell she was completely self-medicating. I let my friend use the Infratonic for 3 days and she said the cat continued to move toward and away from the machine, depending on how much she felt like accepting. I don’t recall what her medical issue was, but remember that she did heal very quickly after that experience.

A calf had been hit by a car. One back leg was a kickstand and the other one was off the ground, not really being used, and it was horrible watching him walk. As he was getting bigger, we had to do something with his leg before he got so big that he couldn’t get up and down. This poor guy had survived getting hit by a car, and survived the walk back and forth that he and his mother had to do to get water. Then the mom and the calf disappeared for 6 months when they were living by a forest, and he was the only one that came back. A woman called the authorities to try to get someone to help him, and the rancher who owned him just put him up for auction. The woman found out and sent someone to the auction to buy him to save him from slaughter. The one day that he was at the auction, he caught a deadly disease. After he got that, they boarded him, and there were 2 other huge, strong bulls, and he gave them the disease. One bull died, and the other got horribly sick, but the calf survived it! There were so many opportunities he had to check out. People would look at him and ask me why I didn’t just put him down, and I would say “Are you kidding me? Do you know how hard he has worked to live through everything he’s been through?”

So when the calf got here, we did some chiropractic, as some things were out of joint. Then I almost exclusively used the Infratonic machine on him. I would sit out there for hours with him. I eventually got a positioning arm so I could point the machine at him and he would stay tucked right into it. We also did a lot of massage. Between getting things back in joint as best we could from the chiropractic, and using the Infratonic on him, he now runs, jumps, cow-kicks, and has a girlfriend; he’s all better. He has a great life and that had a lot to do with helping heal the joints from the dislocation and getting all that back together, relaxing the muscles and releasing the scar tissue.

Some people are a little funny when you talk about saving a cow. Not everyone’s into that, especially if they eat meat. One of my financiers, when I had a sheep and a cow I was treating, said “that should be mutton and veal.” I said “So you think these animals should serve humanity?” And he said “Absolutely!” I replied that they were in the no-kill zone, so they were actually going to serve humanity in a different way. I explained the “injured petting zoo” concept and working with kids, and he finally got it.

Do you just use the Infratonic with animals that have been injured or traumatized, or do you find that it is helpful for any of the animals that are brought in that might just be anxious?

We use the Infratonic for a lot of things, including emotional reasons, injuries, even spider bites; all sorts of different things. I don’t know I could say 100% that it works for some of those things, but watching the release of the scar tissue, and how suddenly limbs start being able to move again, offers such striking visual evidence that you know that it’s working.

All of the animals that come here are physically disabled, because we only take animals that are physically injured or disabled. The way you know it works is that it helped something that you’ve experienced, like taking my back pain away, or releasing me from PTSD. My husband had committed suicide and his plan was to kill me before he killed himself, so I had post-traumatic stress from that. I would have nightmares and I couldn’t get out of them, and I would be off the whole day if I had one. I couldn’t seem to release the nightmares and it was a pattern. I found that when I started using the Infratonic, if I woke up from a nightmare, I would put the machine right on my solar plexus or heart, depending on which felt better that day, and within 20 minutes, I was good. It no longer haunted me the rest of that day. So those were the things that showed me that the Infratonic worked. The Infratonic is one of the tools in our toolbox, and it’s an awesome tool and it helps on so many different fronts!

We’ve also helped animals that were going to cross over to do so with some relaxation, to let go of the physical form. People don’t want their pets to pass, but if it’s going to happen anyway, let it not be traumatic, let it be calm and peaceful.

I’ve let people borrow my machine, sometimes for humans, sometimes for animals, and I have to fight to get it back, and they usually have to buy one, because they don’t want to live without it after trying it. It just works!

For more information about Healing HEART Sanctuary, visit their website at http://www.HealingHEARTSanctuary.org, or “Like” their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HealingHeartSanctuary. They love volunteers and donations!

Watch Laura Bradshaw treating some of the animals at her sanctuary with Infratonic therapy in this video.

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