Freedom from Food Addictions

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Freedom from Food Addictions

junk food resized 600Have you ever grabbed food thinking you didn’t really want it, and then proceed to eat it, thinking with every bite that you would rather throw it away?  Then hours after you were done, you felt uncomfortable, wondering why you ate it?

Why do cravings trump common sense?

The answer comes from the marvelous way our bodies compensate for toxins to keep us functional.  When our bodies are digesting food, we are storing fats.  When we create and store fats, our digestive system absorbs toxins from our blood stream and stores them in the fat.  However, when we are not digesting, our bodies start gradually eliminating toxins, particularly when we start burning fats.   This is a big deal because, as fats are consumed, the toxins are released again into the blood stream.  These toxins disturb our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

This regulation of toxins allows our bodies to avoid overwhelming us with sudden jolts of toxic substances as we digest foods, yet detoxifies us steadily over a long period of time.  Our bodies can release the toxins gradually over a long period of time, providing us relatively stable physical, emotional, and mental states, and avoid overloading our liver and kidneys with toxins while we are eating.

However, a problem arises when we consume foods with a lot of toxic substances.  Our digestive systems efficiently pack away those substances into our fat while we digest, but, between meals, when we are not digesting, the toxic loading starts to release into our bloodstream and we begin to feel the side effects of these toxins, anxiety, nausea, anger fear, and often, physical pain.

If we feel uncomfortable, we can immediately stop these feelings by eating something!  Think of caffeine addiction.  Have you ever been living on a steady diet of coffee or soft drinks, and then stopped for a few days.  If so, you have probably experienced the caffeine headache as you were detoxifying.  You also undoubtedly discovered that one coffee or cola instantly eliminates the headache for several hours as the toxins are stored in fat.   Just like Pavlov’s dogs, we get positive reinforcement for eating things that relieve discomfort and learn the opposite of what is true.  Caffeine is the cause of the headaches, not the cure.

Similarly, fats and sugars put our bodies to work temporarily storing our toxins and relieving our symptoms, while, at the same time, adding to the overload of toxins.   We eat to keep our digestive systems busy so we don’t feel the symptoms of toxic overload.  Some foods, like fresh vegetables don’t create the needed digestive loading to eliminate this discomfort.  In this way we often blame vegetables for causing our discomfort and falsely credit pastries, burgers and other heavy foods for curing us.

This addiction to foods is responsible for most deaths and chronic illness in the United States, whether hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.  The existence of these foods is not the problem.  It is our body’s tendency to feel better when we eat these foods that is at the heart of the problem.

Now, the problem of detoxifying is that it is enormously uncomfortable.  It is the cure of most chronic conditions in our society, but it is uncomfortable.  It is so much more comfortable to eat a cupcake or drink a latte and have symptoms repressed than to eat fresh produce or drink water and live through the inevitable detoxification that will follow.  It is a long process which requires patience and determination.  The reward is manifold; mental clarity, emotional calmness, weight loss, freedom from pain, and increased energy and optimism.

For some this is easy.  For others, this is more difficult than giving up smoking or alcohol.  The Infratonic can ease the process.  Applying the Infratonic to the upper chest brings a mental clarity and an emotional calmness as emotionally disturbing toxins are released into the system and eliminated.  Applying to local areas of pain as they arise helps to relieve the pain and promote circulation to accelerate recovery.  Often very old injuries or pains will re-emerge during cleansing, releasing the abnormal tissue and emotional trauma associated with the injury.

The trick is to “push” cleansing, to change your diet gradually so as to induce this cleansing at a comfortable or tolerable level.  The comfort and clarity provided by the Infratonic allows you to proceed at a faster pace than you would do without it.  Also, the knowledge you have learned from this article allows you to understand the detox process, which is very important so as not to assume that the problem causing foods are good for you because they relieve the symptoms.

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