Etheric Sludge: What is it and is it contagious?

//Etheric Sludge: What is it and is it contagious?

Etheric Sludge: What is it and is it contagious?

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Etheric sludge is related to the energy field that surrounds the physical body, and when that energy field gets polluted, it can become thick, dark, sticky and heavy, according to energetically sensitive people.

How does this “polluting” of our energy field occur?

Etheric sludge appears to be created, or strongly influenced by thoughts, desires, intentions and beliefs. It can be affected or exacerbated by stress, worry, inflammation and free radicals. And, if you are a practitioner who does any type of healthcare work, massage, chiropractic, etc., you have greater potential for your patients’ etheric sludge to “bleed” onto you. Yuck! This does not sound like stuff we would want in our energy field!

Most people are not even aware that etheric sludge exists, particularly if they are not energetically sensitive. And many people who are energetically sensitive, may not be consciously aware of etheric sludge, but it can certainly affect them nonetheless. One may feel tired or listless, or be prone to illness when their energetic field is “sludged” up.

So can we avoid having our energy field polluted? It seems unlikely that we can avoid it, given the world we live in today. There are toxins in our food, water and air, continually bombarding our systems and creating free radical damage to our bodies. And much of the food that is consumed today by the average American creates a lot of inflammation in the body. We get bombarded by news reports which focus on fear and negativity, filling us with stress. There are fewer and fewer people today who are able to live in such a way that they can eliminate exposure to all of these contributors to etheric sludge.

So, if we can’t avoid getting etheric sludge in our energy fields, what can be done about it? Well, fortunately there are ways to clean and clear the sludge from our fields. Healers, massage therapists and psychic surgeons can all effectively remove etheric sludge. Additionally, the Infratonic S, Scalene Light and Vital 1, are all effective at breaking up and removing etheric sludge.

Sound Vitality is hosting a workshop on Saturday, June 8th, and will go into greater discussion on this topic, as well as demonstrating ways to clean and clear this. While the workshop is designed specifically for practitioners who work with clients and can suffer the effects of this sludge, it is also open to and will be helpful to anyone who suffers from etheric sludge buildup (basically, any living, breathing human). Click here to find out more about the workshop or to register. Seating is limited, so register now to secure your spot!

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