Detoxifying the Body

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Detoxifying the Body

Body detoxification is very important for your health as well as your physical well being. It is sad to say that very few people know how to detoxify and an even larger amount of people are not familiar on how to detoxify at all, none the less know what detoxifying means.

An easy way to think of detoxification in the body is to relate it to your kitchen sink. Your sink tends to get clogged with all that gunk and grime from food, dirt, and who knows what else. Well that’s like our body in a way, we don’t all eat perfectly healthy and lets face it that good ol’ American drive thru food we consume isn’t 100% natural either. We take in a lot of artificial and synthetic ingredients we can’t even pronounce and are exposed to chemicals from makeup, skin care products, and in addition to that we breathe polluted air on a daily basis. And that is just the physical aspect of why we must detoxify.

The mental aspects of why we must detoxify consists of what we are exposed to with our eyes and what we hear. When you get in an argument and you’re exposed to yelling and words that are hurtful to you, you are now taking in all that negativity into your body but do you ever stop to think where that energy goes? That now transfers over to your brain and when you remember these images and replay them in your head you tend to get upset all over again and this can happen ten minutes later or a week later, the fact is they are still there.

Why do we let that negativity linger in our heads…and how can we ever really release that bad energy? What can we do to give our body a clean sweep and detoxify it?

The first step in the right direction would be using the Infratonic 8000 because it helps flush out the body’s lactic build-up from strenuous training activities and helps to recover their whole system from any aches and pains in the same process. The Infratonic 8000 plays an important role in detoxification and below I have given you a detoxifying protocol to follow.

I suggest using this protocol repeatedly but twice a month is fine. Remember while doing this that you will be targeting different body meridians. The first step would be to place the transducer from the Infratonic 8000 on your chest meridian (solar plexus) to help release and flush out any fluid in the chest and lungs for about 15-20 minutes. Then once that is done apply the device to a point under the foot to promote better leg circulation. After that another point you want to place the transducer on is in the palm of the hand to detoxify the wrists and arms. During this process drink around 64 ounces of water over the course of an hour; you do this to flush out the lactic acid that the device is breaking down.

This protocol can be done as many times as u wish, there is no limitation! So please tell all your family and friends about your Infratonic 8000, and better yet share it!

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