Ahhhh, the refreshing taste of…carcinogens?

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Ahhhh, the refreshing taste of…carcinogens?

Soda pop is probably one of the most popular beverages in the United States. I don’t know any food establishment (maybe some organic or vegan places) that don’t serve it. And the soda aisle in the grocery stores has expanded to take up a huge section of one aisle, with many options and variations of each brand.

While consumers of the sugary drinks think it tastes great and quenches their thirst, most of us are aware that soda is completely devoid of any nutritional integrity. Not only that, but studies have shown that it is actually quite harmful to our bodies. It is being blamed as a major factor of much of the obesity and diabetes we find in people today, it causes tooth decay, caffeine dependence, dehydration, and more. While scientists have found that High Fructose Corn Syrup is not the innocuous sugar that the corn industry claims it is, the artificial sweeteners are even worse, responsible for causing cancer and other major health issues.

Now, lab tests which were commissioned by the consumer group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), show that the caramel-coloring found in many of the sodas (including two of the favorites, Coke & Pepsi) also causes cancer in lab animals. While it is not yet known whether the coloring is also a human carcinogen, we do know that the coloring is not made from natural caramel, but rather, is derived from a chemical process which involves ammonia. Ammonia? Seriously!?

The CSPI has petitioned the FDA to ban this caramel coloring. The Coca-Cola Company responded to the CSPI petition saying, “CSPI’s statement irresponsibly insinuates that the caramel used in our beverages is unsafe and maliciously raises cancer concerns among consumers. This does a disservice to the very public for which CSPI purports to serve. In fact, studies show that the caramel we use does not cause cancer.” And the American Beverage Association stated, “This is nothing more than CSPI scare tactics, and their claims are outrageous. The science simply does not show that [4-MI] in foods or beverages is a threat to human health.”

Thanks for the attempted reassurances, but my taste for soda pop has been forever quenched.

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