A Parent’s Nightmare Turned Miracle

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A Parent’s Nightmare Turned Miracle

Last week I made a trip to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA to deliver an Infratonic 9 to JJ Virgin. If you don’t know who JJ is, she is a renowned health & fitness expert, television celebrity, a published author, and a speaker at conferences for alternative healthcare practitioners. She is also a mother of 2 teenage sons, and on Monday, September 10th, the unthinkable happened to one of her sons. Her 16 year old son, Grant, was out walking near their home that day, when a woman hit him with her car while driving 40 miles per hour, then left the scene. Fortunately there were witnesses who were able to call 911 to get emergency responders there quickly.

JJ shared the following last week:

He was airlifted to the local hospital where they said there was nothing they could do to save his life and no viable alternative options as he most likely wouldn’t survive another airlift to a hospital that could perform the complicated surgery necessary to save his life.

They told me that even if he did survive the next airlift, he probably wouldn’t survive the surgery, and if by a miracle he survived that, he might never come out of his coma anyway.

The story is still unfolding, but the good news is that my son is alive, healing and showing promising signs of fully waking up at Harbor-UCLA Pediatric ICU any day now. (He opened his eyes for the first time yesterday. For daily updates, visit my Facebook fan page.)

This week JJ has been providing updates that Grant is showing great improvements in his healing process, and they are extremely encouraged by this.

As a mom, I cannot imagine having to go through such an experience. JJ and her family have been truly blessed throughout this horrific experience from having witnesses to the incident who were able to call for help immediately, to getting the proper care for her son, to having an incredible support system. And fortunately, JJ is a firm believer in miracles!

We provided JJ with an Infratonic 9 believing that it would help Grant’s recovery from the incredible damage his body sustained (head trauma, many broken bones, bruising, etc.).

The Infratonic may also provide JJ with some degree of relief from the incredible stress that this has added for her. In addition to needing to be with her 16 year old in the hospital, she is 130 miles from home and her 15 year old who is attending school, she needs to continue to run her business, and she is also in the midst of a huge book launch, which must proceed. Because JJ takes excellent care of herself through diet and exercise, taking supplements and getting sufficient sleep each night (and has an incredibly positive attitude), she is faring much better than most people who might find themselves in such a situation.

Thanks to excellent medical care, energy workers, prayers, powerful love from his family and friends, and likely a strong will to live, Grant defied the odds that were given to JJ & her family at the beginning of this ordeal. He has come a long way, but has a very long journey yet to go. Hopefully the Infratonic and other modalities that JJ is implementing in conjunction with the traditional medical care Grant is receiving will speed his healing and recovery and he will soon be a walking testament to the possibility of miracles.

If you would like to follow Grant’s progress, you may do so through JJ’s Facebook Fan Page (see link above). Please hold the vision of Grant being completely healed, and send JJ and her family love, peace, comfort, strength and good health to sustain them through this journey.

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